This Black Poet Just Revealed What’s Really Missing When You Leave Intersectionality Out of Feminism

(Content Warning: Anti-Black racial slurs)

“They said I could be feminist, too.”

Here’s what so many white feminists don’t know or care about when they think their feminism is for people of all racial groups. Don’t miss this essential spoken word piece by Jillian Christmas.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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Jillian Christmas was born and raised in Markham, Ontario. She currently lives in Vancouver, BC, where she serves as co-director of Versəs Festival of Words. She has won Grand Poetry-Slam Championship titles at both the Vancouver BedRocc poetry-slam (2011), as well as the Vancouver Poetry Slam (2012).  

Video courtesy of Button Poetry. For more amazing spoken word performances, check them out on YouTube and Facebook.

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