How Emma Stone’s Role As an ‘Asian’ Character Reveals a Huge Hollywood Problem

Author’s Note: The term Asian/Pacific Islander has been used as a US census category in the past to lump together Asians and Pacific Islanders, but many Native Hawaiians feel that Pacific Islander is its own separate category and recent censuses have been changed to reflect this. So while I will refer to Emma Stone’s character as half Asian/Pacific Islander because she is Chinese and Hawaiian, I recognize that these are two distinct categories. I also want to note that unfortunately, many statistics I found about race representation in Hollywood lumped Asians and Pacific Islanders together, so for the sake of clarity, I will occasionally refer to them together.

Do you see yourself represented in Hollywood?

As a mixed-race Asian-American woman, Marina Watanabe rarely does. The recently released movie Aloha is just one example of how white people are so much more visible than people of color in the media.

Marina’s got the appalling numbers behind the lack of diversity in movies and on television – and she’s on point about why it matters.

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