What’s Mansplaining? Here’s How (And Why) You Need to Stop Privileged Explaining

You might have heard of mansplaining, whitesplaining, and other forms of privileged explaining. These words came up recently when Matt Damon talked over Effie Brown, a producer and a black woman, to explain the issue of diversity – and they capture exactly why so many of us wish he’d stopped to listen instead.

This video breaks down what the problem is, how you might have been socialized to participate, and what you can do to make sure you’re not taking part in this oppressive behavior.

We love the straight-forward, light-hearted delivery of this essential information, and we hope it helps give you more tools for navigating your privilege without causing harm.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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Adam Levine-Peres is a native Bronxite and the creator of Project Bronx, a community oriented web series. He is also a social commentator video blogger. Project Bronx has been featured on the New York Daily News and News 12 The Bronx. When Adam is not making videos, he is educating high school students as a teacher in the Bronx. You can check out Project Bronx’s YouTube channel here and follow Adam Levine-Peres on Twitter @AdamLevinePeres and @ProjectBronx.