This Is a Great Response to BuzzFeed’s ‘I’m Muslim, But I’m Not…’ Video

“I’m a Muslim, but I don’t need to prove my loyalty to you or anyone else.”

Recently, we shared a video from BuzzFeed called “I’m Muslim, But I’m Not…” We appreciate the intention behind the video – to break Islamophobic stereotypes and challenge assumptions about Muslim people. But we’ve since removed that post after realizing that, as many of our readers wisely pointed out, we need to have a deeper conversation about these issues.

The message in this smart response from Fear of a Brown Planet is more important than one centered on non-Muslim people’s comfort. In this video, Muslims share what they want you to know about their faith, culture, and the impact of common myths about Islam – without apologies for who they are.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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