5 Troubling Facts About Male Rape Survivors

Editor’s Note: The language and advocacy in this video centers cisgender men and women who date each other. As not all men have penises and not everyone with a penis is a man, we encourage broadening language around survivors to be inclusive of trans, agender, and non-binary people. Cristen makes the important point that everyone deserves support, and that includes gender non-conforming, transgender, and agender folks.

(Content Warning: Rape, sexual assault)

Common understandings of rape usually make us think of men as perpetrators and women as survivors. But new research is revealing that we need new language to talk about sexual violence – because men are assaulted and coerced, too.

In this video, Cristen Conger of Stuff Mom Never Told You has the info on how we’re failing men who are survivors of rape. No one should have to go through this, and everyone deserves resources for support and healing – so here’s what needs to change.

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Cristen Conger joined up with HowStuffWorks.com and Discovery Communications in 2009 as a staff writer. That same year, identifying a need for more intelligent digital media by and for women, she co-created Stuff Mom Never Told You and has since honed her expertise in women, gender and sex. Cristen also contributes to Huffington Post Women, and her writing has additionally appeared on Jezebel, Bitch, MSNBC and ABC News. Follow her on Twitter @CristenConger.