What Is the Body Positive Movement?

(Content Warning: Fat-shaming)

Is it okay to call someone fat? Can you tell what a healthy body “looks” like?

The body positive movement is working to change common ideas about the answers to these questions, and this video shows why it’s so important to make those changes.

Marie Southard Ospina breaks down what body positivity is, and how the movement’s aiming to make a difference in your life. This might give you a whole new outlook on the media and what it takes to let everyone know they’re worthy of self-love, regardless of size.

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The Editor at Everyday Feminism

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Marie Southard Ospina (otherwise known as Miggle) is the Associate Fashion & Beauty Editor at Bustle. Her loves include: Writing about plus-size fashion and body positivity, watching a lot of sci-fi and listening to ungodly amounts of folk music. When she’s not lingering on Bustle, she’s probably working on her blog, trying to write her first collection of essays (because #Millennials) or experiencing a rage cycle about Breaking Bad no longer being in her life. You can check her out on her site, Migg Mag, and on follow her on Twitter @mariesouthard