But What About the Irish Slaves?

Editor’s Note: There is an implication in this video that all Jews are white, but Jewish folks are a wide range of ethnicities and races. Additionally, we must note that systemic anti-Semitism still exists in a way that systemic anti-Irish/Italian/Catholic oppression doesn’t (in the US, at least). We regret this omission.

Additionally, Kat says that anti-Irish sentiment wasn’t outlawed until very recently, but the Race Relations Act of 1965 prohibited discrimination on this basis (among others).

In conversations on anti-black racism, people often bring up the history of Irish Americans to argue that white people experience oppression, too.

So why don’t we include Irish and other white cultures in discussions of race in the United States? To understand that, you have to know how whiteness was constructed in the US – and if you’re bringing up Irish slavery in these conversations, you’re probably missing this vital information.

Here’s Kat Blaque with an episode of her True Tea series, sharing what you need to know about why this comparison misses the mark. Find out what you can learn by asking one key question: “How does that affect you today?”

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