What Happens to Immigrant Families When They’re Detained Will Horrify You

You’ve probably witnessed conversations around immigration that focus on the abstract – policies, laws, and supposedly “protecting our borders” from criminals.

But do you know what the thousands of immigrant families fleeing violence in their home countries are actually dealing with when they’re held in US “residential detention centers?”

The facts are disturbing. In this video, Francesca Fiorentini fills in these important details that are too often left out of our immigration discussions.

Find out why these traumatized families are forced to leave their homes, how the US is failing to protect refugees, and how women and children are most vulnerable to the unsafe conditions in detention centers.

This information will also show you why you should care about helping – especially considering that US imperialism is responsible for much of the violence these families are trying to escape, and the way our country treats them when they’re detained is horrifically inhumane.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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