48 Things Women Are Told Over Their Lifetimes (That Men Just Aren’t)

How many of these comments have you encountered in your life?

It starts with what people say to girls – from “don’t be so bossy” to “he picks on you because he likes you.”

As we get older, we get harassment, insults, and criticism of how we look, the choices we make, and more. Don’t be a “slut,” but don’t be a “prude.” Prioritize your family over your career, but don’t be a stay-at-home mom.

These are girls and women of many different ages and backgrounds, and they reveal 80 years of sexism in just under two minutes. The phrases they repeat are so common, and some of them might be subtle, but putting them all together really shows how exhausting a lifetime of sexism can be.

This is painful to watch, and the last one really got to us – but we’re so glad these girls and women spoke their truth.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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