This Comic Helps You Get Ready for Warm Weather In the Most Body Positive Way

Have you heard the phrase “sun’s out, guns out”? Fitness-based messages like this usually include some idea of being in “great shape” to show off your body in the spring and summertime.

But oftentimes, there’s a very limited idea of what it means to have a body that you can be proud of – usually being white, able-bodied, thin, and fitting other images of traditional “beauty.” Most of us don’t fit that image, so instead of feeling proud, we can dread the idea of drawing attention to our bodies.

So here’s a comic that flips the script with a more inclusive celebration of different body types.

You’ll love these images of people feeling confident in their authentic selves, with new phrases like “chips out, nips out” and “wheels out, heels out.”

We hope this helps inspire you to know that you, too, can get excited about your body, just as you are.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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Justin Hubbell is a Contributing Comic Artist for Everyday Feminism. A trans genderqueer “comictivist” from upstate New York, they create comics that unpack social justice issues through personal reflection and sharing. Their work can be seen at Please consider supporting them on Patreon! Check out their comics here.