Abortion Stigma’s Terrible Influence On the Media – And Our Perceptions

Have you noticed what’s messed up about news coverage on abortion?

Abortion is one of the safest common surgical procedures for people who can get pregnant. But news outlets still talk about it like it’s dangerous or extreme.

Here’s some critical information from experts Erin Matson and Hannah Groch-Begly on what abortion stigma is, and how it shows up in the media. You’ll probably recognize why coverage from right-wing outlets like Fox News is harmful, but this info will also help you notice how even mainstream or “positive” abortion coverage can spread some subtly harmful misconceptions.

This misleading coverage coverage shares a startling connection with public opinion and policy decisions on access to healthcare – and once you understand that, you’ll know why it’s time for a big change.

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The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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