Here’s How 100 Years of American Fear Made Discriminatory Laws in Each Decade

These days, you probably come across a lot of political rhetoric demonizing undocumented immigrants. But this fear is nothing new – the US government has a history of targeting the most vulnerable groups.

Can you name the targets of each decade of the past century? From the Chinese Exclusion Act through the Patriot Act, this AJ+ video covers how US government discrimination and fear has appeared from the 1910s until now.

This shows how each iteration of discrimination is more than a disturbing trend – it’s actually institutionalized as part of our legal system.

Pass this information on to help put in perspective why we shouldn’t fall for xenophobic lies from Donald Trump or anyone else.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism

Please note that this video is narrated through visuals and texts and not audio.

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