Is It Time for Reparations for Slavery in the US?

Do you think it’s time for reparations?

In the US, reparations are usually discussed in terms of slavery and cash. But reparations don’t have to be monetary, and they could compensate Black Americans for some of the issues that affect them as the result of slavery.

You’ve probably heard of this idea, and you might have dismissed it because slavery was so long ago, so it doesn’t seem relevant. But do you know what reparations actually mean – and why some people are advocating for them?

In this video, Dena Takruri breaks down how the legacy of slavery shows up in every major social institution that we all rely on as Americans. This information will show you exactly why we should be having a serious discussion about reparations – and what’s getting in the way.

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The Editors at Everyday Feminism



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