3 Questions We Ask Ourselves When Internalized Misogyny Warps Our Point of View

“Am I smart enough for this?”

Even if you’re a woman, you can still hold harmful ideas about what being a woman means – because misogyny is hard to escape.

So what do you do about internalized misogyny? You can start by learning what it might mean if you ask yourself these questions – and how to interrupt the negative ideas you could be thinking about yourself or other women.

In this video, Celia Edell also offers some great suggestions for a different set of questions you can ask – to empower and affirm yourself, instead of believing sexist ideas.

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Celia Edell is a Contributing Vlogger for Everyday Feminism, a freelance writer, and feminist philosopher. She holds a Masters degree in Philosophy from the University of Sheffield in England and is currently doing her PhD in Philosophy at McGill University in Montreal. Her interests include critical race theory, mental health awareness, and bad made-for-TV movies. She tweets and blogs under the name @ceedling