‘Dear Daddy’ – This Daughter’s Letter Makes Rape Culture Chillingly Obvious

(Content Warning: Rape, abuse, victim-blaming, misogynistic slurs)

How many of us could’ve written this ourselves?

It’s starts out simple enough: “I need to ask you a favor. Warning: It’s about boys.”

But by the time we got to the heart-wrenching final line of this letter, we were speechless and in tears.

This video from CARE Norway shows a daughter speaking to her dad as she grows up. It’s enough to make anyone realize how disturbingly normalized it is for teenage games, man-to-man jokes, and even parenting norms to uphold rape culture.

This is a global problem that has 1 in 3 women worldwide experiencing physical or sexual violence in their lifetime – usually from a male partner.

But as this video also shows, it’s not like there’s nothing we can do about gender-based violence. How many chances to intervene in rape culture can you point out over the course of this?

How many ways can we change our everyday norms to help make it so that no girl has to tell this harrowing story again?

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism



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