How Non-Binary Identities Show What Society Gets Wrong About Gender

“What does ‘look like a girl’ even mean?”

What does gender mean to you? Everything from our social norms (like declaring “it’s a girl!” at birth) to our institutions (like schools) say that gender is binary – that we’re all either girls or boys, women or men.

But non-binary and genderqueer people aren’t confined to traditional gender categories – and not everyone understands what that means. So learn more about the full scope of gender identity by dropping in on this episode of Degrassi: Connecting the Dots.

This conversation between Adamo Ruggiero and a group of young people from Toronto’s REX Pride program offers refreshing perspectives on what needs to change about our traditional approach to gender, and how you can support young people who are questioning their gender identity.

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Connecting the Dots is a new digital series created by the folks at Degrassi. In this raw and candid series, Degrassi extends the conversation around topical teen issues featured in Degrassi: Next Class on Netflix into the everyday lives and spaces of Generation Z. Connecting The Dots is produced by Krista Legault (@kristalegault) and Adamo Ruggiero (@adamoruggiero) – digital media professionals, youth advocates, and Full House super fans based in Toronto, Canada. Join in the conversation at @TheDotTV and @Degrassi.