How the Beauty Bias Makes Us Treat ‘Pretty’ People Better

Do you look anything like the people deemed “most beautiful” by magazines?

The media plays a big part in our beauty standards – the way we construct an idea of what makes someone beautiful or handsome. But did you know that our concept of who’s attractive actually influences the way we treat each other and ourselves?

Here’s an episode of Sexplanations in which Dr. Lindsey Doe breaks it all down. She’s got info on how the beauty bias gives conventionally attractive people several key advantages in life, and how it affects our sense of self-worth.

It’s some pretty troubling information – but Dr. Doe’s also got some helpful ideas for what to do about it.

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Lindsey Doe is a clinical sexologist in Missoula, Montana and host of YouTube sex education channel, Sexplanations. She is also parent to a spunky teen daughter. Follow her on Twitter @elleteedee