Are Hispanic People White? The Confusing Racial Categories of the US Census

Ever heard someone say that the US is 77% white? Did you know they’re actually including a large group of people who are Hispanic or Latinx?

When it comes to how the US Census categorizes race, identity gets pretty confusing. So here’s Franchesca Ramsey with some help from Kat Lazo on an episode of MTV Decoded that clears things up.

Find out where the Census falls short in identifying race and ethnicity, how to understand the complex racial history of Latin America, and how the 2020 Census will be making some changes to step towards a better way to talk about racial identity.

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The Editors at Everyday Feminism

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Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey is a graphic designer and video blogger based out of New York City. With over 100k subscribers on her two YouTube channels, Chescaleigh and Chescalocs, she and her videos have been featured on numerous style and entertainment blogs and news publications including MTV, The New York Times,, and The BBC. In addition to making YouTube videos, she’s the writer-at-large for and host of the MTV News webseries “Decoded.” Follow her on Twitter @chescaleigh.

Kat Lazo is a self-proclaimed social commentator, media critic, and overall, a woman who questions everything. Having studied Advertising and Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she’s ready to add some feminism to the ad world. Check out more of her writing at TheeKatsMeoww, watch her videos on YouTube, and follow on Twitter @TheeKatsMeoww, Facebook, and Tumblr.