This Awesome Project Is ‘Changing the Way We See Native America’

“How can we be seen as modern, successful people if we’re continually represented as the leathered and feathered ‘vanishing race?'”

It’s exhausting to live with the invisibilizing stereotypes and misconceptions about being a Native person in the US. So what can we do about it?

Photographer Matika Wilbur has an incredible answer with Project 562, an epic adventure to tell the real stories of Native America. Check out this 2014 video on the project, and visit Project 562 to learn more from this stunning collection of positive Indigenous role models.

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Started by photographer Matika Wilbur, Project 562 creatively addresses and remedies historical inaccuracies, stereotypical representations, and the absence of Native American images and voices in mass media and the national consciousness. Her work aims to humanize the otherwise “vanishing race” and share the stories that Native Americans would like to be told. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.