Quiz: Which Of These Guys Are Gay?

This article originally appeared on Good Men Project and was republished here with the author’s permission.

With gay marriage being as prominent (and contested) as it is on social/regular media I keep asking myself how it is that some people could have a problem with something so harmless.

Of all issues to have, to choose a non-issue makes no sense to me.

Another good question to ask though with regards to this comic is what if none of these men are straight, or gay.  What if they were all bisexual? Pansexual?  Or even asexual?

It’s important not to make assumptions.  Sure, there can be cultural or physical indicators here and there but at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter.

There’s this idea that you can “spot” a queer person just by looking at them, and while it’s true that some queer folk broadcast their lifestyle (just like how some wear football jerseys 24/7), many don’t.

My point is this, we have to stop immediately assuming that men (or people in general, really) are straight by default. What good does it do us? When we make these assumptions we are twice as likely to accidentally insult the people around us. Even if you knew everyone in the room is straight, you don’t know if they have family, friends, or children that identify as queer.

Sadly there are communities where it does matter whether you’re straight or not, but they’re shrinking. So get with the times and just assume people deserve to be treated equally.

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Justin Hubbell is a trans nonbinary cartoonist born and raised in Upstate New York (and smug about it). They make comics that unpack social constructs using autobiography and humor if possible. See Justin Hubbell’s other comics here