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You Deserve Paid Sick Leave (So How Can You Advocate for It?)

Make no mistake: Paid sick days are a feminist issue. And they’re one of those job benefits you don’t realize you want until you suddenly need them. The ability to take time off when you or a family member is sick impacts your health, well-being, and financial security. You shouldn’t have to choose between your paycheck and your health.

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5 Ways Girls Are Taught to Avoid ‘Smart’ (And What We Can Do About It)

I started censoring myself in the seventh grade. Kids in my class made fun of me for using “big words” and getting too many trivia questions right, so I stopped. Being “too smart” can lead to teasing for any kid, but certain demographics get unique torment. Young girls certainly have their own set of obstacles. Here are five examples of how girls are taught to avoid “smart.”

Alcohol and Consent

Alcohol and Consent

A huge part of dating — and in particular, hookup culture — is alcohol. But having sex while under the influence of alcohol isn’t always the best idea. In fact, it’s almost always a bad one. Check out this video from Laci Green about the various levels of drunkenness, how to approach alcohol and sex, and why alcohol is problematic for consensual sex.

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Why You Should Stop Saying ‘Slut’ and What to Say Instead

In recent years, the word “slut” has become deeply ingrained into our culture, to the point where people say it too easily and too casually. I’ve often asked myself: What can we do about this nasty, negative word choice that is so standard in our culture? Maybe learning more about the word itself – and more empowering words we can use instead – is a good start.

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On ‘Choice’ Feminism and Internalized Misogyny: Why We Participate in Patriarchal Oppression

Have you ever done something that contributed to patriarchal oppression, even after finding feminism? Ever criticized a woman for her looks, or shaved your body hair? I know I have. We all can be complicit in our own oppression. It’s not always other people or other genders that are responsible for sexism. Sometimes, it’s actually you. Hear me out.


How to Exercise Our Right to Defend Ourselves without Being Victim-Blaming

Women get tons of useless advice about how to “protect” ourselves. Whether or not we follow the advice, we’re still blamed for our own assaults. We all have the right to assert our boundaries, but saying that we can defend ourselves sounds like victim-blaming. So how do we reconcile those two messages? One way is through feminist, empowerment-based self-defense.

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8 Things White People Really Need to Understand About Race

I would posit that there are a few things that it’s about time all White people figured out. These are things we’ve been told collectively by people of Color countless times, but we don’t seem to be hearing them. Perhaps we can hear them differently when called in by a White person to consider how we can actively work to end racial injustice and oppression.

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4 Ways to Help Your Pre-Teen Daughter Navigate New Attention to Her Body

I look at my oldest girl and I see what she is experiencing. Her body is transitioning, and she’s particularly concerned and curious about her new bouncy parts that garner attention from a variety of eyes. And as I watch my daughter navigate her new body, I’ve identified some methods to creating support and raising confident, mindful, fully expressed women.

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4 Myths That Keep Women Away from Non-Traditional Employment

When we think about truck drivers, construction workers, garbage collectors, plumbers, electricians, and other blue-collar work, few of us immediately imagine women performing these tasks. But there are many women who want to (and do!) work in non-traditional trades. Many people think we can’t perform these tasks, but I’m here to tell you that we can and we do!

Just Stop Talking about Race

Just Stop Talking About Race

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Someone says or does something racist; you call them out for their racism, and someone accuses YOU of being the one who’s perpetuating racism. “Just stop talking about race if you want racism to end!” Check out Chesca’s video about this (and other) ridiculous, dismissive claims that race activists encounter whenever they speak up!

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4 Messed Up Sexist Things That Happen to Women of Color

Feminism is much more than simply addressing the wage gap, climbing the corporate ladder, or ensuring access to abortion services. Women of color have never had the privilege to solely focus on women’s issues — gender and racial inequalities combined so often ravage both our physical and mental health. Here are 4 ways women of color experience sexism differently.