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How to Exercise Our Right to Defend Ourselves without Being Victim-Blaming

Women get tons of useless advice about how to “protect” ourselves. Whether or not we follow the advice, we’re still blamed for our own assaults. We all have the right to assert our boundaries, but saying that we can defend ourselves sounds like victim-blaming. So how do we reconcile those two messages? One way is through feminist, empowerment-based self-defense.

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Source: Francis Moran

8 Things White People Really Need to Understand About Race

I would posit that there are a few things that it’s about time all White people figured out. These are things we’ve been told collectively by people of Color countless times, but we don’t seem to be hearing them. Perhaps we can hear them differently when called in by a White person to consider how we can actively work to end racial injustice and oppression.

Source: Connecticut State Department of Education

4 Ways to Help Your Pre-Teen Daughter Navigate New Attention to Her Body

I look at my oldest girl and I see what she is experiencing. Her body is transitioning, and she’s particularly concerned and curious about her new bouncy parts that garner attention from a variety of eyes. And as I watch my daughter navigate her new body, I’ve identified some methods to creating support and raising confident, mindful, fully expressed women.

Source: Fensa Fitters

4 Myths That Keep Women Away from Non-Traditional Employment

When we think about truck drivers, construction workers, garbage collectors, plumbers, electricians, and other blue-collar work, few of us immediately imagine women performing these tasks. But there are many women who want to (and do!) work in non-traditional trades. Many people think we can’t perform these tasks, but I’m here to tell you that we can and we do!

Just Stop Talking about Race

Just Stop Talking About Race

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Someone says or does something racist; you call them out for their racism, and someone accuses YOU of being the one who’s perpetuating racism. “Just stop talking about race if you want racism to end!” Check out Chesca’s video about this (and other) ridiculous, dismissive claims that race activists encounter whenever they speak up!

Source: Black Is Online

4 Messed Up Sexist Things That Happen to Women of Color

Feminism is much more than simply addressing the wage gap, climbing the corporate ladder, or ensuring access to abortion services. Women of color have never had the privilege to solely focus on women’s issues — gender and racial inequalities combined so often ravage both our physical and mental health. Here are 4 ways women of color experience sexism differently.

Source: Muslim Women Coach

6 Tips for Working in Solidarity with Muslim Women

Every few days, I get a question along the lines of “How do you reconcile your Muslim faith with feminism?” These questions have always puzzled me because I find that Islam and feminism complement each other well. If you’re interested in supporting Muslim women in feminism – which, as feminists, you should be –here are six tips to embrace to be better peers.

Source: The Empowered Mom

Make the Most of Your Media Critiques in 5 Easy Steps

Social media is a great facilitator for interaction with the media. But I have to be honest: some of my fellow Internet activists have their work cut out for them when it comes to their social networking rants, namely those critiquing pop culture. Here are some ideas to keep in mind the next time you need to type out a diatribe about the latest media sensation.

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My Body is Not an Achievement or a Work in Progress

The beauty ideal has changed over time, but the idea that there is only one way to have a beautiful body has not. The current one necessitates thinness. Until we’ve accomplished thinness, we are works in progress, and that there is no excuse for not participating in this. It’s not about policing how we look, they tell us. It’s for our health, for our own good! As if.

Source: Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train

10 Ways Men Can Combat Sexist Entitlement in Public

No, not all men will be like the USCB shooter, but if we are not actively working to dismantle the ways in which men learn the type of entitlement that he felt, then we are surely contributing to the wider problem. We cannot expect women to be the only one’s leading men to change. So here are 10 simple ways that men can combat sexist entitlement in public.


Why Your Disbelief in My Queer Identity Doesn’t Negate Its Existence

One of the most obnoxious forms of ignorance that LGBTQ people face is identity policing, which often manifests as other people providing “theories” to explain your sexuality. Being queer means that people always feel entitled to an explanation — or worse, they think they know better. Let’s go through the various, ridiculous incarnations of queer identity police.