So You Want to Try Polyamory

Source: Showtime

So you’ve been reading about polyamory and have decided it’s something you want to try. Or maybe you’re still thinking about it, but don’t have a clear sense of where you’d even begin. It can take some time to figure out how polyamory works best in your life. Here are a few tips, guidelines, and things to consider for people just starting out in the poly world.

Women Deserve Better

Women Deserve Better

It is the goal of many conservative groups to shut down access to safe abortions, and some of them have the gall to promote these efforts with the slogan “Women deserve better.” Watch renowned slam poet Sonya Renee expose the unbelievable hypocrisy of these organizations and explain what exactly women deserve: choice.

EF 34 – Jump Starting a Career in Sexuality Education, with Bryce Komaroff

Jump Starting a Career in Sexuality Education

Shockingly, the topic of sexuality education is still very controversial today. Views around whether this vital information should be taught in schools, what exactly should be discussed, and which populations “need” it the most varies widely. In this podcast episode, Bryce Komaroff and Melissa A. Fabello discuss the benefits of pursuing a career in sex ed!

5 New Directions for the Body-Positive Movement

Source: Mashable

Body image activism is my thing. The quickest way to piss me off is to tell me that body image isn’t an important feminist issue. Within the body-positive movement is my community – and my whole heart. But as much as I love it, I also think that it could use some improvements. So here are five new directions that I’d like to see it take.

Holding the Tension: Whiteness vs. European Cultural Identity

Source: Irish American Society of Greater Richmond

We must get in touch with our cultural heritage to understand our stake in ending White Supremacy through a connection to what we lost, but we also have to understand and remain accountable to the privileges that Whiteness affords us every day. In some ways, this is a complex tension to hold. Because while not all White people are bad, Whiteness surely is.

‘Who’s the Man?’: Heteronormativity and Queer Relationships

Source: Jeff Shore

People in queer relationships are often subjected to a barrage of ignorance from the straight community. Whether it be invasive sexual questions or unwanted criticism, nothing seems to be off limits to the innocently inquisitive straight. Inevitably, one of the more repetitive and annoying debates will be the age-old question “Who’s the man and who’s the woman?”

6 Abortion Myths Debunked

Source: Women Vote PA

Close your eyes and think about the word abortion. What are the first things that come to mind? Pregnancy? Unborn fetuses? Policy makers? Crying? Grief? Our society is filled with all kinds of mixed messages and myths about abortion. These myths have real consequences and effects on policy, which limits people’s right to choose. Let’s bust some of these myths.

Breaking Down the Desire to Be Thinner

Source: ABC News

People often talk about thinness, and the desire for thinness as a given. It’s so ingrained in our culture (thanks, $58.6 billion diet industry) that we don’t often ask the question “Why do you want to be thin?” What would being thin mean to you? I want to break apart some thinness myths. Let’s take a closer look at nine supposed benefits of being thin.

Coming Out: Why Language Barriers Suck

Coming Out: Why Language Barriers Suck

Coming out as trans* is hard enough without the added difficulty of a substantial language barrier. Check out this week’s video headline to hear Leo’s story of how he came out to the people in his life, including his close family members. Watch Leo impart advice and warnings about the rocky terrain of coming out to people who you can’t even communicate with.

EF 33 – Getting Started with Campus Activism, with Kaylee Jakubowski

EF 33 – Getting Started with Campus Activism, with Kaylee Jakubowski

Students have a long history of organizing for progressive change in their schools and lately, many are focused on addressing sexual violence and LGBT issues on campus. In this podcast episode, Sandra Kim and Kaylee Jakubowski discuss Kaylee’s experience as a student activist and how interested students can get involved to create change.