We Are the Youth: Sharing Stories of LGBTQ Youth in the US

Living as a marginalized person is difficult! It becomes even more difficult when you don’t have access to community, hold multiple marginalized identities, or there is very little depiction of you in the media.

And that’s what makes LGBTQIA+ youth exceptional examples of courage and resilience. Despite the lack of resources so many of them have, despite the stereotypes and potential isolation, they persist, survive, create incredible art, and advocate for themselves.

And they deserve every single opportunity to have their stories shared, to have access to positive depictions of each other, and to participate in community with each other.

That is why we, here at Everyday Feminism, love projects like “We Are the Youth” for doing the incredible work they do. To see more of these amazing portraits, consider buying the We Are The Youth book! To see more work by the same photographer, check out Laurel Golio’s site.

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Laurel Golio is a photographer and visual anthropologist. Her work revolves around the examination of community and its various subcultures, with a focus on using portraiture to investigate issues of self-presentation and identity. Laurel’s work has appeared in The Oxford American, Printed Pages, and the British Journal of Photography. She graduated from Smith College. Visit her website here.