This Stirring Testimony Shows Why We Must Abolish the Death Penalty

“I was told that I could never go to college because I was black.”

What’s the opposite of poverty? According to human rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson, the opposite of poverty isn’t wealth, but justice.

In this clip from the film HUMAN, Bryan describes how being told that his family and community weren’t good enough or strong enough to achieve anything shaped his life – and his perspective, when he represented his first client sentenced to the death penalty.

This harrowing testimony reveals what everyone needs to understand about the impact of poverty, how it intersects with our criminal justice system, and why eliminating the death penalty is key to our progress as compassionate human beings.

With Love,
The Editor at Everyday Feminism

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Bryan Stevenson is a lawyer. A strenuous defender of human rights, he founded the Equal Justice Initiative to fight against racial discrimination in the US judicial system. He is particularly sensitive to the cause of young people who are sentenced to life imprisonment and to the death penalty in the United States.