3 Harmful Ways Casual Ableism Shows Up in Our Everyday Language

(Content Warning: ableism, ableist slurs)

Are you using casual ableism in your everyday language? It’s widely accepted in our society, so you might be doing it without knowing about the meaning or impact of what you’re saying.

Here’s your chance to recognize if ableist phrases are in your vocabulary, and find out how it hurts people with disabilities and mental illnesses when you say these things.

Annie Segarra, known on YouTube as Annie Elainey, breaks down what happens when you misuse disabilities to describe negative things. If you think it’s harmless when you use words like “lame” as an insult or saying things like “I’m so ADD,” this explanation will fill you in on exactly what you’re missing.

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Annie Elainey is a QWoC, body positive, disabled spoonie. She creates videos five days a week (as long as her health allows) usually introspective topics, social topics, disability, body image, sex/gender/dating, feminism, etc, as well as a variety of music/artistic media, tags/challenges, and day-in-the-life vlogs. Check out her YouTube Channel here.