Dear ‘Body Positive’ Bloggers and YouTubers: That’s Not Body Positive

If you spend any time in communities centered around things like plus size fashion and body positive blogging, you may have noticed a recent trend of spreading the word about body positivity.

And that’s great! Body positivity can help improve the way we relate to our bodies and other people’s bodies, rejecting our society’s usual trends like fat-shaming and diet culture.

But activist and influencer Corissa Enneking of Fat Girl Flow has noticed something troubling about the popularity of the term “body positivity” – and we need to pay attention.

Here’s her list of a few things that don’t live up to the name of body positivity – and how to make a change in the spirit of real body positivity instead.

With Love,
The Editors at Everyday Feminism


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Corissa Enneking is a social media influencer, blogger, and activist. Her focus is on providing positive resources and information for body types and gender roles typically ignored by traditional media. With a “back the fuck up if you don’t want any of my awesome to rub off on you” attitude, Corissa believes in fighting for everyone’s right to be loved and respected in their bodies.